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 LeGrand History pg8

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After Vie escaped the clutches of Arthas he was reunited with Laces, a child he had once protected and Bull, his former comrade in arms. In his absence Bull & Laces had formed a small band of friends to train together in hopes of one day laying seige upon the Scourge and the Lich King. After Vie's return their group quickly grew to a Clan of Mercenaries as bitter soldiers reunited once again under their former Commander and friendships were forged in shared loss. Their Clan came to be known as The Fighting Lycans.

Strong with the bitterness only loss and vengence can bring the Fighting Lycan Clan finally had grown in numbers enough to join the Horde in the final attacks against the Scourge and the Lich King. In the peace that followed Arthas' fall Laces began a movement to reach out to all races of Azeroth who were in need, creating within the Clan a society that acted as a family to those lost and broken by the Scourge. Vie in attunement with Laces' efforts created Founding Principles and Laws. Respect, Honor, Order, Loyalty ~ Respecting those we meet, Assisting those in need, Protecting the weak and Learning from the wise. The people of their growing society collectively decided to crown Vie & Laces King and Queen.

Peace reigned over the Kingdom with no title or land for a few years, but soon some of the warriors of the Clan grew weary of Court life and begged Vie to once again lead them into battle against the Alliance as they had before the Wrath of the Lich King. With the recent Alliance attacks Vie was inclined to agree and began appointing leaders and forming a Military to once again fight alongside the Horde. Bull, Laces and her young daughter Akasha fought valiantly alongside their King once again.

Some of the leaders Vie had appointed soon grew weary of their King's mercy and now peaceful nature whispering behind his back how he had gone soft in the years of peace. They reveled at how he gave his Queen so much leeway with her Heathen Zandali ways and worshiped the ground she walked upon. Little by little they began murmuring among the members of the Clan of the King's percieved weaknesses. It wasn't long until the rift within the Clan became apparent and squabbles turned into fights. Some staunchly defended the Honor of their King & Queen, holding fast to the Founding Principles and the Clan that had taken them in as if they were family. Some questioned the leadership ability of the Royalty, and others formed acute hatred for their opposing political group within the Clan.

During this time strange happenings were taking place all over Azeroth, the spirits stirred and elementals appeared where there had previously been none.

After Vie & Laces were reunited after fall of arthas, they began sharing their ideals and a group formed around them. militia.

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LeGrand History pg8
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