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 LeGrand History Cover

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Vie LeGrand

Vie LeGrand

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Before LeGrand was an Empire, it was a Mercenary Clan origionally formed by the Legendary warrior Vie LeGrand. Before the Clan's formation Vie was well known as a Quel'Thalas Lieutenant. In a final effort to save what was left of his men during the onslaught of Scourge armies sent by the Lich King upon Silvermoon, Vie was brutally killed by a pack of Worgens. Upon his death Arthas restored Vie's life to fight as a Knight of Death and controled him for a number of years; but Vie was one of the first able to overthrow the mental control Arthas had upon him and escape his grasp. Shortly after his return to Thrall as a Death Knight, Vie returned to his love Crookedlaces and they married shortly there after. Vie and Laces traveled together for many years as Vie attempted to regain his honor with his people. As they traveled together many others began to follow them. They formed into a large group of mercenaries fighting against the Lich King and the Scourge. The Clan, a group of survivors who were brought together by the struggle to survive the Scourge and help overthrow the Lich King. The clan eventually became known as the "Fighting Lycan Clan" due to the legend of their leader in battle against the mighty Worgens. Many years past and the Fighting Lycan Clan slowly grew into a community and quickly became divided. Many wanted peace and harmony while many others wanted war and clensing of the lands of all evil. The Clan began to break appart and looked to Vie and Laces for guidance. Vie and Laces counceled with other high ranking members of the Clan and the Council quickly came to a resolve. The Council appointed Vie and Laces, King and Queen and chose them to lead them in a new Empire....The LeGrand Empire. From that day forth the loyal members of the clan became part of the LeGrand Empire. King Vie and Queen Laces came up with the resolve to the great issues dividing their Empire. They created the LeGrand Empire led by King Vie and the LeGrand Court led by Queen Laces. Members of the Military constantly compete for their much coveted ranks the Legendary LeGrand Military and fight constantly to return Victoriously from battle with Great Honor. Members of the Court focus upon civility and

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LeGrand History Cover
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