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 The Law of LeGrand

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PostSubject: The Law of LeGrand   The Law of LeGrand Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 1:08 am

The Law of LeGrand Moon-1

Our Empire was founded on these four beliefs and principals, it is up to each and every one of us to maintain who we are.

First and foremost, I would like to emphasize that these are the Laws that our Empire was founded upon from the very beginning. Before the birth of the Empire, before the rise of our clan, The Fighting Lycans, there were two souls with an ideal. That ideal is what gathered our friends to us to form The Fighting Lycans, that ideal is the glue that has held us together through the birth of our Empire, that ideal is what defines each and every one of us....


The Law of LeGrand Moon-1-1-1

Every Citizen of our Empire deserves respect, from the King & Queen to the common Traveler. All Citizens are required to be an adult of at least 18 years of age or act like one. (1) As adults we all (hopefully) have the ability to be kind and courteous to one another; a rude and disrespectful Citizen will not be tolerated within the Empire. Within the Empire there are many ranks; as a Citizen you will be expected to learn the ranks and in formal situations, address everyone by their rank and name out of respect reguardless of your own rank. When you are greeted at the start of the day you are required by Law to respond in kind as is common courtesy. (2)

In many ways we are like a family, it is inevitable that there will be those of us who have different ideas, opinions and that arguments will ensue. When this happens, not if, do not argue in public. Bringing a fight out in public is very disrespectful not only of the person you are fighting with, but the other Citizens who are suddenly pressured into being part of the argument and inevitably choosing sides. This is also essentially disrespectful of your King & Queen because it creates the beginnings of a divide in the Empire. Public arguments, especially in Guild Chat merit automatic suspension of Citizenship (4). If your dispute cannot be resolved in private among you bring it before the Council (3) who will appoint a mediator for the situation.

If you have a problem with the way something is done or an idea to do something differently please feel free to respectfully bring the issue to the Council or entire Empire in a meeting. Please note that Vie & Laces reserve the right to gracefully "Veto" ideas or changes, since afterall we are the founders and have put more into the Empire than anyone ever has and probably ever will. We will take everything brought to us into consideration and attempt to provide you with reasons as to why we do what we do. We are not exempt from respecting all of you like you respect us, and we are not irrational when it comes to disputes.


The Law of LeGrand Moon-1-1-2

When you become a Citizen of the LeGrand Empire you no longer solely represent yourself. You are a part of a civilization, you are the face of the The LeGrand Empire to all of Azeroth. As a Citizen of our Empire you are to act as such, to bring us Honor and not embarrassment. You are to uphold our laws and our code wherever your journeys may take you. Respect all those that you meet, be of service to those in need, protect the weak and learn from the wise and the strong. Sometimes we will be persecuted for who we are and our beliefs, but stand strong knowing that an army stands behind you. When someone tries to antagonize you don’t lose yourself or lose your temper. There are alternate paths to take in a social confrontation, be overly nice or simply ignore them, reguardless don't give them what they want...a reaction. Honor is an evaluation of your social status, it is an Honor to be a part of this society. Obey the Laws of LeGrand and represent the guild properly. Be wary of the reputation you present to your fellow Citizens and to others through the privileges of your rank. If someone challenges you, defend your honor, the honor of the Empire, and the honor of your King & Queen.


The Law of LeGrand Moon-1-1-3

In every Empire a degree of chaos is inevitable, but it is not only up to the King & Queen to maintain order. All Citizens must learn to maintain order among themselves. The higher the rank, the more this is expected, as one of the responsibilities of a higher rank is also to enforce the Laws of LeGrand. There is an assigned order in the heirarchal system of the Empire. As a Citizen you are required to read and understand your role in the Empire by studying the description of your rank and Calling. The heirarchy is set up to maintain social standings within our society, and the Laws are created to maintain a social "norm" for all Citizens to follow for optimal performance in a group setting. We can only succeed as an Empire by adhering to and maintaining our Laws and Heirarchy.


The Law of LeGrand Moon-1-1-4

Loyalty is an essential part of any one-on-one, as well as group relationship be it friendship, family, or comraderie between soldiers. We are a great Empire, we may dispute within our ranks and not agree on everything but all of us will always stand strong in support of our fellow Citizens in the face of an adversary no matter what our recent quarrel. All Citizens are expected to show faithfulness and devotion to your Empire and Calling. There are many venues within which to give to the Empire as a whole, your calling, monetary benefit, items, time, and knowledge both in-game and social. All Citizens of the Empire are expected to aid another Citizen where they can, with every Citizen giving of themselves no one will be left wanting. Be secure in your patriotism, no loyalty is given without willing self-sacrifice in service.

We not only honor loyalty within our Empire, but loyalty to your life outside of it as well. We have a saying for this "Real Life before Role Play.” We all enjoy playing WoW, but real life always comes first. No matter your obligation to the Empire, we understand that real life is your first priority as well as our own. We will never expect you to shirk your real life responsibilities, as we expect that you will be understanding of our own personal responsibilities outside of WoW. If you know that you are going to be absent for an extended period of time and do not want to be removed from the Empire, please send us an (6) in-game letter letting us know of your pending absence and when we can expect your return. If a Citizen were to suddenly become absent and remain gone for a month's time without word to the King or Queen, their Citizenship status will be returned to that of "Traveler". If that Citizen were to someday return, they would have to re-recite their Citizen's Creed to reinstate their Citizenship.


All Citizens of the Empire are required to read the laws and know them even as they change, and to abide by them at all times or risk punishment at the discretion of the Council.

The Law of LeGrand Blood_Splatter-1-4

Automatic Suspension (4)

~OOC fighting in guild chat (all involved)
~inactivity (1 month)
~account hacked (2)
~disrespect (5)

Automatic Revocation of Citizenship & Banishment

~severe disrespect (5)


1. We will sometimes make an exception for someone younger than 18 based on their responsibility & maturity level, but only after they speak directly to Vie or Laces who will inform them of the occasional adult content of conversations and ensure that their parents would not object. Essentially, you are welcome among us if you can prove yourself a mature responsible person.

2. If we suspect your account is being hacked we will automatically demote your character in-game to "Prisoner" status to save damages to both the Empire and your account. This allows you to keep your Guild Reputation but protects the Empire from a hacker as the Prisoner rank can do nothing but speak in Guild Chat. The login greeting is our first form of protection for the Empire and your account which is why it is so imperative that as a Citizen you greet logins and respond when you login. When you login someone is supposed to greet you, typically a higher ranking individual. If you do not respond accordingly "good morning King" (hackers are not likely to respond properly, if at all) your toon will first be psted by the greeter to give you a second chance if it is really just you, then if still there is no response the greeter will demote your character and alternates within the Empire or contact an individual capable of doing so as soon as possible. An in-game letter and email is then sent to your account notifying you of your temporary suspension and suspected hacking. We also contact a Blizzard GM and notify them of the potentialy hacked account, in hopes of salvaging your account.

Tips for avoiding a hacker:
~Get an authenticator! If you have a smart phone, you can download the app for FREE just search "Battle.net Mobile Authenticator" in your App Store. There is no fee for this whatsoever so you have no excuse if you have a smart phone.
~Don't download addons from non-origional websites (often-times the add on will have a programed addition that allows hackers in, like a keylogger) Ask guildies where they got their addons, if they're using it safely they most likely got their from a safe venue.
~Type your username & pswd into a word document and copy/paste it into the WoW game when loging in (this prevents keylog hackers).

3. When in dispute with someone, or wanting to report an issue to the Council be sure to provide proof or evidence of the incident, preferably in a screenshot of the text but 2 unbiased witnesses will suffice in the event a screenshot was not captured. If you cannot contact a member of the Council in-game please send an message to one of us on the website with the subject line "complaint" "problem" "incident" etc. along with a description of the incident you wish to bring before the Council and attach your screenshots if available.

~You can achieve a screenshot by simply pressing the "print screen" button on your keyboard, this will automatically save an image of the screen and chatlog visible in your WoW Screenshots Folder. You can typically access WoW screenshots under : My Computer/C/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Screenshots :

4. Suspension of Citizenship means you will be demoted to the "Prisoner" status in the Guild and sent a letter of suspension and the reason OR notified in-game. Upon the date of re-instatement you will likely return to the Empire as a Traveler, immediate and/or return to your previous rank will be at the discretion of the King & Queen and dependt upon the situation.

5. The severity of disrespect is at the discretion of the King & Queen. Please use common sense here, calling someone a m*therf*cker in anger, racial slurs, (WoW racial slurs somewhat accepted in RP), slander, harassment, severe impatience, "elitist" attitudes, begging & demanding, are examples of bootable disrespect. But be forewarned, there is an overall sense of "adults at play" in the Empire (usually in the OOC channel) and playful, sometimes raunchy banter happens and is allowed as long as no one is overly offended. Please understand this, and have the decency to know the difference between "playful" and "disrespectful" if you are to become a Citizen. ~Note: If there is banter that is offending you in the OOC, sometimes your best course of action is to ignore it or temporarily leave the channel. Leaving the channel (hopefully) lets intuitive Guildies know that they have offended you.

6. If you need to get ahold of any of us the fastest way is probably through in-game mail or a message through the website. Please keep in mind we both have full time jobs and lives outside of WoW and may not be able to get back to you right away, but we will do our best to respond when we are available.

Website & Forum Rules

To Join-Us:
~When you are first brought into the Guild in-game your character is considered a "Traveler" amongst us. This is a time for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. If you decide you want to become an official Citizen you are more than welcome to speak with one of the Royals about it. Often times if you are a Traveler and attending a weekly meeting, one of the Royals will ask if you wish to become a Citizen and they will intiate you IC at that time. But you are not considered and official Citizen until you're character has been initiated.
~Read of the Empire's Initiation Creed to see what your character is swearing into when you officially become a Citizen.
~Please feel free to sign-up with our website by clicking on the "Create Profile" button at the top of the page. You need either Vie or Laces to log in and approve your Profile so please let one of us (or our alts) know.
~When your website account has been accepted please sign the Laws of LeGrand indicating that you have read them, that you agree with them and agree to abide by them as well as refer back to them.
~Vie & Laces retain the right to change & maintain these Laws, but will always make note of changes in a public in-game or on website venue.

Website Profiles:

~You are allowed to create multiple profiles for your main toon and alts
~Your profile username must be your character's username, please do not include a title.
~Your Occupation must be your WoW Professions (ex: INS / HRB) and/or Empire Professions
~Your gender, age, and location must be your real life gender, age, and location Ex: F.24.EST (Eastern)
~You must use a valid Email Address

The Law of LeGrand Blood_Splatter-1-1-2

Contact Laces & I by Email

Or Yahoo Instant Messenger

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The Law of LeGrand
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