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 The LeGrand Creed

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The LeGrand Creed HordeEmblem-1-1

****Once you have decided to become an official Citizen of the LeGrand Empire you must be initiated with the following Creed.****

A citizen of the Empire is first tasked with learning the laws of the land, educating and integrating themselves into the society. They are encouraged to actively participate in Empire Events, and contribute in some form or fashion to the Empire be it monetary, profession, item, knowledge, advice, or otherwise.

Traveler’s of The Empire LeGrand, you’ve come before your Empire to willingly accept citizenship. Though it may seem as simple as merely accepting this honor, it is far more than that simplicity alone. As one of its citizens, the Empire is your charge that you are given to protect and honor as we all do. Everyday forging ourselves to be strong not just in and for ourselves, but for those around us.
In this we know strength, we know courage and it is within this Empire we forge bonds that cannot be broken!

It is on this day, the day of my citizenship, that I make my solemn vow.
That I remain vigilant, and pure of mind, to better myself in mind, body and spirit.
That I keep my wits sharper than the finest blade but tempered
with the patience of the Laws of LeGrand I’m bound to.

It is upon this vow, that I respect those I answer to, whether above or below my status.
That I may keep in mind the needs of those without aid.
That I stand at the ready of those unable to defend themselves,
and when knowledge is freely given, that I heed it.

I pledge to never dispute my disagreements with my kindred publicly, and that should said disagreements arise,
that I approach with open mindedness and the utmost civility.
As well should I keep such disputes
between my aggressor and that of myself alone.

Should I need guidance with issues beyond my reasoning, I will address that of the Councils’ aide
whilst keeping in mind subjugating myself to mediation.
I furthermore understand breaking the Laws of LeGrand
incites disciplinary action at the Councils’ discretion.

On this vow, having read and agreed to the Laws of LeGrand, I stand before you,
and true,
to my kin,
my Empire
and ultimately,
to myself.
For Respect, Honor, Order and Loyalty!

Date of Empire's Birth December 4th of the year 2010

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The LeGrand Creed
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