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Akasha LeGrand

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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 1:09 am

The LeGrand Empire is a Hybrid RP Guild preferring Med/Heavy RP, with a Med/Heavy interest in Dungeons and Light but hopful interest in Raiding.

We are an Unconventional RP Group. We try to avoid RP Elitist thinking and are open-minded to creativity within RP. We see WoW Lore as an atmosphere within which to play our characters but not necessarily to be followed by every letter and law. As long as your character isn't god-moding (infringing upon another's character) or completely outlandish/unbelievable we encourage intelligent creativity!

OOC History:
The origional Guild was founded by Vie & Laces in 2008 and structured as a Light RP/Leveling Guild. December 4th of 2011 the Guild underwent a name change and restructuring to suit Cataclysm and the changing social atmosphere turning it IC from a "Clan" into an "Empire" and OOC to Med/Heavy RP & Raid Hybrid Guild.

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